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left sphenoid sinus chronically infected

Help! I dont' know if I post this in the "Allergies" section? or "the ENT" section?
It seems there's more posts here for sinus problems compared to the ENT board.
I have so much to say and don't quite know how to say it short and sweet.
so here goes......
I am 48 yrs old and started having problems with my sinuses back when I was in my early 20's. I've been to an ENT dr. for mainly a biopsy of an enlarged lymph node, but other than that, I have been putting off seeing my primary dr. specifically for the sinus problem because I KNOW he's going to RX antibiotic's when I do not want to take antibiotics if I can help it.

I'm trying to find another route or an alternative to healing up my sphenoid sinus.
they call it " the forgetten sinus because of the location of it and the fact it's near the cavernous sinus and the carotid artery and the optic nerve and the pituitary, so if they have to do surgery on it, it's only if there's an emergency, which acute would be, not chronic.

anyway, when I went to have a CT scan for the lymph node back in 2004, they saw that there was fluid there, presumbly inflammatory in etiology is their description.... how they know this, i have no idea.
THEN, in 2006 when I had an MRI of my brain due to something else my dr. was ruling out, he said the MRI was normal but he wrote on the report to me: "chronic sinusitis left sphenoid sinus only exception" but never bothered to go into it with me. He wasnt' aware I've been suffering with it all these years on and off because i never go to him when they flare up.
But it's always going on because I can't breathe and I my sense of smell is diminishing. so really I do have a problem constantly with it.

They flare up to the point where my entire head feels like it's pounding and pulsating with every beat of my heart, to the point where I feel like I need a shot of morphine to stop the pain, LOL, (I'm very theatrical) but its' true the way it feels. plus I wonder how come theres' no fluid coming out of my nose if I have sinusitis? then I read on line yesterday while doing research that it becomes blocked because of the inflammed tissues of the nose. so I got my answer on that one.
These flare up's occur if I don't wear one of those disposable masks when I'm emptying the chamber in my vaccume cleaner. little did my husband know that just because it may LOOK pretty and cute because it's tiny and yellow, but you'd never know you had to empty the box and clean the filter when the little red dot tells you it's full and you have to empty it do many times during once cleaning!!!!!
we have a dog and two cats and lots of dust on the floors, so in one vaccuming session, I have to empty it and try not breathe in the molecules 3'x!!!!!!
I say it's time to get a new vaccume cleaner, don't you?

Needless to say, I woke up with my eye lids swollen, my face swollen and a pounding sinus headache with no way to get the sinus's to drain.
so I took an advil to take away the pain. I've been on it for five days now and it's still not going away. I feel very weak, tired and extremely grouchy and cranky. I feel like I can spit nails or attack anything that gets into my pheripheal vision. THAT'S how irritable I am. talk about mood changes.....

For the past 3 weeks, my right eye has been going blurry on me which happens on and off through out the day. I haven't had an eye exam since 2005 or 2006. I got glasses for distance then. so I called my primary doctor to have them write a referral to an opthamologist. I have an apptn. on March 3rd. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe my eye is doing this because of my sinus problem? it never occured to me because I hadnt' had the headache yet. Just the eye problem first.
I can't breathe through my nose for years now and wish with all my heart that I could. My jaws are beginning to ache because of the way i have to hold my mouth open a gap to breathe. I don't even notice i'm doing it until i begin to feel the pain in my jaw.
do you think I need to see a doctor to make this go away? or do you think I can do just do some type of home treatment before I settle for an antibiotic treatment?
I didn't know how serious it is to have a sphenoid sinusitis infection until I read about it yesterday after I pulled out my medical records I have on file. I became aware that I've had this particular sinus problem when they first told me in 2004! I didn't know that a person can have a sinus problem for so many years.

so.... should I do a saline spray? or should I go out and buy one of those pots that you fill with a special PH solution and rinse my sinuse's?
does it hurt?
does it make the nose become more blocked by putting water up it?

does anyone have any other suggestions besides the one post I saw on some type of pills to take that really helped a woman breathe through her nose again? . she swore that it works. I'm just waiting to get a reply back from her to hear what the pills are made up of.

I hope I can go out to the pharmacy today to pick up soemthing that will drain or open up my sinus. I can't take the pain anymore and can't take the mood swings.



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