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Re: Low tesrosteron/pituitary adenoma

Thanks for your response,
No my adenoma is not removed yet , it was found couple of months ago through MRI, Could that be a reading error by Radiologist ?. Although my neuro-surgeon i went to check the CD and said has some impression but not clear enough to declare adenoma so who is right i am not sure , even 6mm size is considerably not very small , what do you think ?.
My doctor and other folks in different forum thinks , it is non-functioning tumor which will not do good with Bromo/Dostinex , the best option in my age is to remove it after doing some research and make sure first it is what says in report., what do you think?.
I am in SFO , so far i found Dr Sandeep Kumar has done some surgery in pituitary side, any link or board you can forward that has information like how many surgeries doctor has performed and reviews for those kind of surgeons.
In my age , my testosteron should be atleast 500 in the morning , what do you think ?.
No i didn't had sex day before my blood test, so prolactin surely not increased because of that reason.

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