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Re: Candida/Yeast, Gluten and Weight Loss

Hi Lovepairs.

I’m new here also.

My sad tale of woe is almost identical to yours, add in a splash of Addisons Disease and a dollop of Hypothryroidism, and you get me. It took me a very long time, years, to finally get diagnosed. I thought once I started the various meds that I would feel ‘normal’ again. There was a definite improvement but not the miracle that I had hoped for. I suffered all the same symptoms as you and probably more.

I also had a life long battle with my weight. Sure eat less and exercise more – but how do you do that when you are so exhausted and sore all the time! I once described my symptoms to a friend like this, “I wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, sore and sick – knowing that this is the best I am going to feel all day, it’s downhill from that point”. My emotions were unbalanced, thoughts black, hope gone, quality of life non existent, etc etc So tell me again, oh yeah eat less and exercise more…I can just about drag myself through the day to collapse into bed, then it starts all over again.

I searched the internet looking for a magic pill to melt off the flab but never found it, well not as yet anyway, but one thing kept popping up, Candida. Eventually I started with some of the anti-candida treatments, as found in my local health food store (simple herbal tinctures, no interference with the meds, gotta be careful). The improvement was dramatic and instant, it was more instant than the results with my meds; my emotions, thoughts, hope and quality of life soared. It’s still ongoing and I have my little hiccups but one of the amazing things is my sugar cravings, they have disappeared, and I had the worst sugar cravings in the world that no amount of chocolate could or would satisfy, and I LOVE chocolate!

One of the articles that impacted on me was how Candida wraps itself around the glands in your body and prevents them from functioning correctly, for me the Thyroid and Adrenal, makes sense to me, also the bacteria need sugars to feed them thus those ferocious never ending sugar cravings.

The weight loss is gradual, 50lbs gone, slowly, roughly another 14 to go, getting there AND I can work out, yup I have energy to work out!!!

This is my experience; it may not be for everyone. Christmas and New Year were a nightmare for me, I was really ill and was pumped full of antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 weeks due to a virus I picked up. I felt just awful after and struggled to get back on my feet. I went back to my anti candida regime and have never felt better.

I’m still looking for that magic weight loss pill and just popped in here to check if anyone has discovered it yet.

I spotted this post and figured I would add my tuppence worth, didn’t mean for it to be so long winded.

I am by no means an expert in these matters or a health professional or would advise anybody to do the same as I have done. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I just figured, go for it.

Hope this helps!

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