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Re: left sphenoid sinus chronically infected

I'm trying to find another route or an alternative to healing up my sphenoid sinus....if they have to do surgery on it, it's only if there's an emergency, which acute would be, not chronic.
That's not exactly correct. An experienced surgeon with the correct training can safely operate on the sphenoid sinus using endoscopic equipment and image-guided techniques.

he wrote on the report to me: "chronic sinusitis left sphenoid sinus only exception"
That actually sounds like exactly the opposite of what you assume. It sounds as if you have chronic sinusitis throughout your sinuses EXCEPT in the left sphenoid sinus.

it's always going on because I can't breathe and I my sense of smell is diminishing.
It's very unlikely that sinusitis in the sphenoid area would cause either of these symptoms. There is very little airflow through the sphenoid sinus (compared to your other sinuses) and it is not located near the olfactory nerve tract that processes your sense of smell.

I didn't know how serious it is to have a sphenoid sinusitis infection until I read about it yesterday
I'm not sure what you read but there is nothing particularly serious about a sphenoid sinus infection. It can be slightly more difficult to treat that infections in other areas, but it is not something that is especially serious.

so.... should I do a saline spray? or should I go out and buy one of those pots that you fill with a special PH solution and rinse my sinuse's?
does it hurt? does it make the nose become more blocked by putting water up it?
The first thing you should do is buy a SinusRinse bottle (available at any drugstore) and use it as directed 2-3 times a day. It will help rinse any infected mucus out of your sinuses and will soothe the inflamed linings of your sinuses. It doesn't hurt but will feel a little strange at first. And, no, it won't make your nose more blocked. The saline will drain out of your nostrils very quickly.

does anyone have any other suggestions besides the one post I saw on some type of pills to take that really helped a woman breathe through her nose again? . she swore that it works. I'm just waiting to get a reply back from her to hear what the pills are made up of.
I wouldn't get your hopes up for those pills. Instead, you should focus on getting on a regular treatment program for your sinuses. The best things you can do are:

1. Use a SinusRinse bottle daily.
2. If you have allergies, take an antihistamine (Claritin or Zyrtec) daily.
3. Use an oral decongestant like 12-hour Sudafed to help manage congestion if needed.
4. Take Mucinex every 12 hours to help thin out the secretions in your sinuses and keep them draining correctly.
5. Ask your doctor for a prescription for an inhaled steroid spray like Flonase (fluticasone) or Rhinocort.
I would also recommend that you see an ENT specialist to get some clarification on the CT-Scan/MRI results, and to get an endoscopic exam to better understand why your sense of smell is diminishing.

Based on your post, I think it would really help you to clarify exactly what the problem is.