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Re: Low tesrosteron/pituitary adenoma

My first MRI was done with both contrast and without contrast and do have CD for it as well. My Neuro-surgeon (Dr Sandeep kuvmar ) is one of the famous in SFO who done many surgeries in pituitary side said it is surely some impression of adenoma but he was not convince that it is prolactinoma as my prolactin level was not high enough to confirm it . According to him prolactin is a stress hormone and can be high because of stress and if prolactin went down with bromo significantly then it is surely not prolactinoma so in my another test prolactin surely went down below even normal range.
So the question is if i have 6mm adenoma then it is non functioning tumor which can or can't grow but not sure. If he was surely discussing surgery option of and new method of doing surgery and suggesting me surgery because i am young and should not take hormone therapy or other hormone replacement for life time . I can see other side as he is surgeon probably wanted to make money.
Do you know if non-functioning tumor has symptoms if it does , what are those could be ?.If that non functioning tumor damage some of my pituitary cells , is it possible to revert it ?. I was reading some in this forum about reverse protocol of Dr Crisler in Michigan use , any news there ?

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