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Re: Candida/Yeast, Gluten and Weight Loss

Hi Jeanemac,

So, nice to meet you and thank you for responding to this thread! I'm so sorry that you've suffered for many years with this as I have. I'm off to the doctor this morning to see if he will work with me on this Yeast-related condition I have. If not, he's history and I will continue to search for a new medical advocate.

Well, here's the thing. I felt like you when I woke up, but possibly a little bit better, because I dragged my self out of bed, eat next to nothing, and excersised for approx. 2 hours everyday and continued to gain weight. I'm a competitive adult pair skater, so I was really working it and still gaining. The bloating was out of control too and I WASN'T EATING ANYTHING. I was under 800 calories per day and still gaining. It didn't make any sense at all. All my friend would say "Oh, you have to eat more to loose." When I did this I would have enormous weight gains (5lbs. per day when I ate about 1200 caleries per day) I kept really accurate watch on all of this with a calorie counting software package, so that I would know what was going on.

The sugar cravings were over-the-top, and when I gave in, I couldn't stop until I was in a sugar comma, so sick, and crawl into bed. I never knew that they were Candida sugar cravings, and thought that this "white knuckling" through the day was from starving to death. I always felt that I was carrying this monkey on my back!

I just finished reading "The Yeast Connection," which I highly recommend and can easily be found on Amazon. About a month ago, I took the "spit test" and there it was--an overload of Candida. I immediately went totally sugar free, yeast free, and wheat free, and went on an over the counter Candida Cleanse (heath food store.) With in days the majority of symptoms went away. Two weeks into it, I took the "Spit test," again and it was about 80% cleaner, still some signs of Candida, but very little.

Right now I feel healthy and solid, and I know you know what I mean. I'm going to ask the Doctor today about going on Nystatin to see if I can really knock this thing out. I'll report back.