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Re: Pain that is out of control! HELP!


Are you taking the dialudid the ER gave you? That should be helping some of the pain. I know you said it was low dose, but perhaps try taking 2 pills? If someone is there helping take care of your little one, take the pain med the hospital gave you. Or ask for something else for pain? If the docs are not finding any new issues, they are going to think you are "seeking". Be careful..... You are saying you are having a problem could be the morphine causing that. If it was your back causing that wouldnt be able to feel an urge at all. The leg issue well, i cant imagine what could be causing that for you. What exactly did your discogram results say? Did they get a CT scan after the doc injected the dye? If so, that shouldve shown much....even more than the MRI. Maybe you will find something out today if you are going for a doc visit...good luck,