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Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan

considering that you also had an MRA,well it pretty much would exclude any real possible chance of having a 'hidden' type of arterial issue going on. an MRA just highlights ONLY all the arteries within the brain and nothing else,so if something were there,it would have shown itself pretty clearly. so thats one good test you had there.

do you know if they did use a contrasting agent for that MRI you had? it would just highlight certain areas in the brain a bit better,thats all. what you actually have going on there is only in a vein and not an artery,so that really IS good news for you. arterial crap is just much more risky in nature just to have and to try and treat too.

just what is their plan to treat that clot? i would definitely speak with your neurosurgeon? or neurologist about the continued headaches and as to if the vein issue could be contributing to them. it is possible that what you are feeling IS simply stemming from that alone,or something else. but from the tests you have had done,it would appear they covered alot of bases for you,so that really IS a big plus for you. most docs wont go that MRA route unless they have to eventually just do it. luckily they did that at the very same time? just assuming.

i would just speak with your treating doc about the head pain and see what they think could be the culprit. glad they didn't find anything of an arterial nature up there. do you actually have your own copies of those rad reports for these tests? if not,get them. you just need them for your own files and to simply read thru the summarys at the very end to see if there was something left out that you were not actually told about? it does happen alot unfortunetly(espescially with specialists). you just need to read thru them so you can ask the best questions of your treating docs. i do wish you luck getting this treated. please keep us posted as to how things are going. or if you see something in your reports that you were not told about too. Marcia
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