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Re: Pain that is out of control! HELP!

The discogram said that my L4-L5 and L5-S1 discs were contributing to my pain. That was back in November and they did use imaging with that test, although I do not think it was a CT. The doc who preformed that test (not the surgeon I was seeing at the time) said I needed surgery. At my next visit with the surgeon after that, he said I would need a 2 level fusion.
The Urgent Care (Urgent Care is just a 24 hour walk in clinic) doctor last night saw significant right leg weakness and I did not respond to the poking test (I couldn't feel her poking my right foot and calf), so she told me I had to go to the ER for more imaging and believes I have a major nerve compression. The only reason they didn't do an MRI at the ER last night is because there was no one there to do it, and I have a surgeon appointment today. So it's not that they are not finding any new issues. Plus I haven't had any imaging done since November, and a lot of my symptoms have changed since then. When the imaging tests were done, I had no right leg pain, and now I do. My knees also buckle, the numbness and pins and needles is much more frequent, and the pain is much more severe. I did take the meds they gave me in the ER, but he only gave me 15, so they are gone now. I tried 2 at a time and that worked better. So far the 2 meds that have worked the best for me are Percocet and Valium, although I can only take the valium at bed time because I have to sleep within 30 minutes of taking it. Vicodin worked fine when my pain wasn't as severe.

I am not seeking medication, I am truly in a lot of pain and just looking for help. I didn't want to go to the ER last night. I went because the Urgent Care doctor told me to.