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Re: Candida/Yeast, Gluten and Weight Loss

Hey Lovepairs,

Thanks for recommending that book, going to get that asap!

And I know exactly what you’re talking about with the sugar cravings and the ‘giving in’. I always gave in too, same as you, and always to the point of feeling really really ill and bloated, and disgusted with myself but not able to stop. In fact I always had myself down as a binge-eating-over-eater, or a bulimic-without-the-purging, and was always so embarrassed about it that I did it in secret – how could you explain this to anyone!

I never had to do the spit test, the inside of my mouth was coated each morning, and even brushing my teeth couldn’t get rid of it/them.

You have done some amazing research on Candida, thank you for starting this post and sharing it. I don’t consider myself cured, just healing with a view to sorting out the Thyroid and Adrenal problems that I have, would dearly love to get off the steroids – they leech the calcium from your bones. I’m in my 30’s and showing signs of osteoporosis. I had a dexa scan last year – even the nurse was shocked at the results!

Thanks again Lovepairs, and great to meet you.