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Having Brostrom Procedure in a week - what should I expect?

I am having a Brostrom procedure in one week and I am starting to feel a bit nervous! I have had chronic ankle instability most of my active life, and eventually seriously sprained it with a snap crackle pop! about a year and a half ago. I finally went to the Dr a year after the accident and, after holding my foot in his hand for what seemed like a nano-second, he immediately told me I needed surgery. He explained that he would use a cadaver ligament to help reconnect what still remains of my own ligaments. Other posts on this site haven't mentioned this as part of the procedure and I'm curious if I am having a modified procedure. I have multiple-joint hyper-mobility and I wonder if this is part of the reason for the use of the cadaver ligament. Any thoughts? My friends keep laughing at me and referring to me as "Zombie Foot"

Beyond the surgery basics, I am mostly concerned about my recovery time and managing my pain. I have never taken pain killers in my life and only take Ibubrofen when pressed. Are there any methods of pain management other than Vicodin and others like it?


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