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Re: Sooooo excited, just got back from my Dr. appt.

Hey Mommy of 2,
Congratulations on your good report!! Way to go! Your good news is encouraging to me also as we are about at the same time frame out from surgery (I'm a couple of weeks further out than you ). I was worried this week about continuing to use the muscle relaxers at night and needing the pain med usually between 6 and 9 pm. But sounds like your guy thinks that is par for the course. I go back to the doc in mid March after my flexion/extension films and hoping to get the same news as you.

I've been doing a little more stretching of the lazy muscles and seem to be able to do better each time. Amazing how little things like being able to tie and put on shoes without struggling floats my boat!!! Who would have thought??

Again, glad to hear you had such a good visit. Keep up the good work.