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Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan

Hi guys,
thanks a lot for your responses they really helped me! I've just reread the report I was given when I was referred and realised I had an MRI/MRV scan NOT MRA... is this different? How?
when I spoke to my neurologist last week he said basically that he isn't too worried and there's a possibility the clot would go away on it's own but to be on the safe side he's putting me on blood thinning meds for 3 months. I can't remember exactly everythin he said, you know how you can't really take it all in when you're hearing it? Think I was in shock or something! I'm going to try and speak to him again this week just to reassure myself. I haven't got a copy of the report, I'm sure if they give these out in the UK? I trust my doctor tho, he's really good. xx