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Re: Questions about upcoming fusion surgery

It all depends on you! You won't know until you get to that point because we are all different. I had a 1 level PLIF and was off pain meds at 12 days post op. I never would thought that would have been possible with my hospital stay. So just take 1 day at a time. My PT at the hospital had me doing stairs 24 hours after surgery. I live in a split level home so I had no choice. It was slow going at first and did not hurt to climb stairs just very unstable because of surgery and meds. They made sure I was stable before releasing me. Your toddler will be your biggest challenge. Make your life simple by planning ahead for things he/she might want/need. Have a sippy cup in the fridge at their level so they can get it. Keep snacks handy and easy for you to get without getting up and down so much. Make a game out of what you need, your toddler will help you more than you know. My 4yr old was so proud to be helping me put on my socks. It took forever and I learned patience but he helped and was thrilled.