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Re: Questions about upcoming fusion surgery


You will do fine. You are very young and will recooperate great. It is a GOOD thing hubby will be home to help with the baby <not good he is losing job tho> I have a 3 year old and couldnt have done it without help. My baby is adopted and I am not as young as you. UGH!!!! But, I did great myself. I would too, be concerned at the fact the doc will not prescribe pain meds after 4 weeks...sheesh, all people are different with pain and pain levels. I am still taking pain meds but have reduced as many as i was taking a day. I am a lil over 2 months post op and take meds in morning and sometimes at night depending if I need it or not. My incision is on my lower abdomen and it really wasnt that bad. <more than anything, I am vain and didnt want a belly scar ha but it is ok, I am feeling so much better> The 1 thing I dont understand is your doc NOT putting a lift ban on you. I find that rather strange as that is 1 of the BIG no-no's I had as far as restrictions. I was not even allowed to pick up a gallon of milk. Nothing over 5 pounds was my weight limit. All docs are different though, keep that in mind......just relax and prepare best you can before hand.....