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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

Glad you found this site, Lowt. I can't imagine what it is like to suffer from chronic nausea for years and I truly sympathize with you and the others on this forum. Four months of nausea nearly did me in. My last visit to the dr. (who seemed only mildly interested in my complaints) I just stared him in the eyes and said "I really can't stand this" and I think this caught his attention.
I still have no idea what brought my nausea on, other than that it came directly after a CAT scan and was constant after that. BUT, I am pleased to report that it has gone as suddenly (almost) as it arrived. Due solely I think (because the nausea stopped within hours of my taking the first pill and has not returned) to my taking a probiotic called Align, which has a unique bacterium whose name I don't have at hand at the moment. My vet, of all people, suggested I try this. So who knows why this helps but it clearly has, and I am not going to even try stopping. In my research I came across another possibility---food dyes added to pills. I suggest all of you check (you can usually find this on the net) what food additives are in any pills you take, and also in the foods you eat. In my case I noticed some nausea even before the CAT scan when I took my thyroid pill. Turns out that only one of the dosages was free of food dyes; all others including the one I took, contained several food dyes. Just to be safe, I now take two 50mg tabs (cause that size is dye-free) instead of the 100mg tab. My theory is that something royally screwed up my innards, probably the stuff I drank before the CAT scan (who knows, also, but that it was a contaminated batch??), and that's why the Align helps. I really wish the rest of you on this forum could find something similar. (and I sure hope it continues to work for me!)