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Re: long term effects of paxil?

I am no longer taking Paxil but was on it for 6.5 yrs. I started at 20 mgs. and was down to 10 mgs. prior to stopping it. I also took it for Social Anxiety. I have now been off 10 months and still question whether I should've stopped it. I had (and still have but not as bad) horrible insomnia for months after stopping it and I never experienced that prior to or during treatment. Also, I still don't feel like my body bounced back as far as the sexual side effects go. Furthermore, I'm still anxious in various social settings and most days in general.

I think Paxil can be taken long term. I don't think anyone really knows the long term effects because it's not an old drug, but if you feel better on it than off I'd say stay on it. I know it's easy to think about what could happen from being on Paxil long term but I think that's part of our anxious minds making us fearful!

I tried to switch from Paxil to Zoloft in the end and it didn't work. I got fearful after trying to be switched and not having success with Zoloft so I decided to be on nothing and see how my body did Paxil-free.