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Re: Sooooo excited, just got back from my Dr. appt.

Hi Mommy (heehee).... It was so enjoyable to read your post. It helps everyone to read about positive outcomes, especially since its such a long recovery....there are always low moments. I'm at about the same place you are.... my surgery was on 12/2/08, but I had a ALIF and a laminectomy, which goes through the two incisions. But it went so well that I was able to go back to work after 5 weeks (office job, taking it very easy..) and I started PT a couple of weeks ago which is teaching me alot about how to strengthen my muscles. Like you I am still on both meds. PT says especially since I'm working, but I hope to cut back soon. Its hard some days. But I am so happy also that I had the surgery after soooooo long in pain, and not knowing what was wrong. Hey..there's that light at the end of the tunnel!! Again, so happy for you...... and me! To everyone else.....if you're still struggling, whether its deciding on surgery or going through recovery..... there is hope and life after back surgery~~