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Has anyone tried Acupuncture for their sinus/allergies?

Yesterday I tried acupuncture for the first time. It wasn't my most symptomatic day so it was hard to judge. I didn't have any major, OMG.. i feel so much better. I do believe that my head continued to drain all day yesterday, lots of sneezing.

Today, is the first morning after, it was a little rough this morning but every Wednesday is.. i have to be work by 5am. I still feel some puffiness but it isn't the same as my usual full feeling, drag me down fatigue. The brain fog seems to be lifting also.

The acupuncturist of course recommended that i change my diet. He said more and more it has been proven .. you are what you eat. . He said that i need to try a low wheat, low dairy, and low sugar. I think i can try to do the low wheat and eliminate some things.. but not all. My biggest problem is that i do not eat veggies. I"m a little better on fruit but not consistently. I have a thing with textures. I do have V8 Fusion in the fridge but it has a lot of sugar in it.

I definitely do not need to lose any weight and i'm afraid if i cut too much out that i will.

I go back next week for another treatment. I'll give it a few tries....

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