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C7 and breathing problems

I don't know if this is a legitimate complaint or not, but I sometimes can't catch my breath. I find myself pushing down on a surface so I can pull air into my lungs. I've had episodes of that ever since I was a child. I yawn, but don't "complete" it. Sometimes I feel like my diaphragm isn't working properly.

Also, lately my throat feels tight and I have trouble swallowing. This doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to trouble me. Hot tea, cough drops, water don't help.

Apparently I'm getting sufficient oxygen because I'm not passing out. But my extremities sometimes feel tingly and odd.

I have a C7 bulging disc and spinal stenosis. My doctor gave me a pamphlet that said C7 can be responsible for asthma and other problems.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of this kind of breathing problem associated with C7. It's very disconcerting and I feel icky and off.


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