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HIV or Glandular fever?

I hope this doesnt sound very silly or ignorant, but I had a one off partner in the summer whom i used protection with but only at the end of sex (which i know is useless!) but aprox 4 weeks after i had glandular fever, my doctor gave me the blood test and confirmed this. What i am worried about now is that it was not glandular fever, but the signs of early hiv infection. I dont know what blood tests they carry out to determin glandular fever or hiv and whether or not there different and there is no chance it was hiv instead (would i have tested negative for glandular fever if it was infact Hiv?) Im waiting for blood test results to come back from a routine STI test, but im still worried and obsessing, its just i read that hiv can have glandular fever like symptoms.

help, thanks so much

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