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Re: Having Brostrom Procedure in a week - what should I expect?

I totally support the suggestions Jane has given because I've found them very important in trying to function. Roller Aid has been my main use around the house which seems to give me more time and freedom than my crutches.

As for "Zombie foot" My class was reading Frankenstein and I felt it spooky & ironic timing due to my foot having 5 incisions and who knows how many stitches and staples. However I've been sensitive lately to the jokes from friends but I must admit they're kinda obvious and easy to point out.

In regards to the pain killer thing I also had the addiction worry. What my doctor said to me is that she only gives me a weeks worth at a time to keep my progress monitored so that doesn't happen. I find it helps to be on oxcycodene, but my surgery is different so go with what's best for you and keep ahead of the pain.

I'm sorry I couldn't give more on the surgery, but hang in there.