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Re: Will a CT Scan show Lymphoma/Anything nasty

My husband had NHL and went through 6 rounds on CHOP chemo. Finished his last round of chemo June 2006. May 2008 we learned it was back and he would need a bone marrow transplant. He went through all the tests and was able to use his own bone marrow for the transplant. Ausust of 2008 after months of consoldation chemo he received his bone marrow transplant. Really seemed to be doing fine until around the forst of Nov. 2008 went everything went downhill. He was rushed to the ER with breathing problems. Make a long story short he had developed ARDS (which is damage to the lungs) and was put on life support. He stayed there 4 and ahalf weeks before he passed away. I don't feel we had enough information on the complications of a bone marrow transplant. I know they told us it could be danergous but I really don't think they shared all that could go wrong. My advise to anyone get all the info you can read, ask questions and fine boards like this one to find someone in your sitution to compare notes with. Good luck to any one facing any kind of cancer. I am so sick of that horrible disease. My prayer are with anyone facing cancer.

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