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Re: Weird Symptoms...almost unexplainable.

I have horrendous gas pains and bloating too -- only at night, for the most part, but I had gastroenteritis a few weeks ago and seem to have ended up with IBS now. I have severe anxiety/panic disorder and am trying acupuncture today. It is awful. I feel for you. I can't sleep and struggle to eat at night because I am afraid I am going to be awake listening to my stomach gurgle. It seems like an endless cycle -- I get anxious, my stomach bothers me, that makes me even more anxious, which makes my stomach hurt more.

Klonopin helps me as well, but I try not to use it too much. I am hoping this whole thing just goes away on its own. I really only have bloating/gas/abdominal pain, none of the "run like hell to the bathroom" problems that most IBS sufferers have. So I am lucky in a way, I guess.

I hope you get better soon.
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