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Re: Having Brostrom Procedure in a week - what should I expect?

Hey there. I've been through 2 Brostroms. The last one I was told I'd have a cadaver ligament as well. THe procedure for that part was called a Colville procedure. But, it turns out my dr. did something else instead, and used part of the sheath from my fibula to recreate ligaments. But they still did the Brostrom, etc. So I used my own tissue instead of a cadaver, but they had to make ligaments from it just the same.

All dr.s are different in terms of recovery. I had a different dr. for both Brostroms. My second Brostrom was along with a more serious OATS procedure so my recovery has been a bit different this time. But, both times I started off with a temp splint or cast for about 2 weeks. Then that gets changed out for a regular cast (my second dr. sometimes does a boot instead) and then the hard cast for 4-6 more weeks and then a brace or boot after that. Total time on crutches is anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on how aggressive your dr. is.
At 3 mos post op you are still in quite a bit of pain. By 4 mos post op you start to feel much more normal. By 6 mos I was pretty much good to go.

I didn't have much pain from my Brostrom at all and never took anything more than motrin for it. The hardest part was the wait to get back to regular activity.
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