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Re: Having Brostrom Procedure in a week - what should I expect?

Thanks for the input - I did get some more info from my Dr which has put me a bit more at ease. I'm mostly worried about being gonzo from the painkillers and saying highly inappropriate things to the wrong people! Along the lines of "in vino veritas" - truth serum! I am a very active outdoorsy person and I hate the idea of being confined to the indoors and being on crutches. I know I will be glad I have had this procedure done by the time July rolls around, it's just going to be tough these next few weeks. Thankfully I'll be staying with my mother for the week after surgery so I won't have to worry about looking after myself in terms of cooking (although I plan on stocking up on instant foods as well as comfort foods - bring on the Oreos). My parents' house has a downstairs shower and I think there's a shower chair from when my stepfather had back surgery a few years ago.

Just trying to go down the check list of things to do and get beforehand. I got a pair of crutches from a friend. I need to buy some bags of frozen peas. I just treated myself to a new pair of sweatpants - I figure I'll be wearing lots of "comfort" clothes while I'm on house arrest! I've also got some TV shows on DVD - I figure I might have the attention span to watch half an hour of "The Office" even if I'm on narcotic pain medication. Am I missing anything??

Thanks again for the advice - I head into surgery at 6:50am Monday morning...