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Re: C7 and breathing problems

Robi, I would really be interested in what that link says, but not sure you can post it here. I believe you can using the Private messaging though at the top of the page. I would really appreciate it as I am having problems with that C7. I have never heard of what your doctor is suggesting, hopefully someone else has & Hopefully its less traumatic then fusion. I think I would ask if I were you. I know if it was me I would go for it. I hate this feeling of not being able to breathe normal. Have you experianced any chest or rib pain, cant remember if I asked that. The inability to get a normal inhalation was the very first symptom that occured with me, then at times the tachycardia (rapid heartrate) would accompany it. I have learned when it comes the the spine it can really be complex. Either way I sure am happy you came aboard here, I know now I need to keep a closer eye on that C7. Take care, Sammy