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Re: Help!! Extreme back pain

[QUOTE=Chrissy0109;3902732]HEY EVERYONE,

i'm having horrible back pain, it so bad that the upper part of my body is leaning towards the left and i can not straighten out at all!!!! i know that its caused by muscle spasms but it is unbarable... i can barley walk, get dressed, sit up, nothin at all.. i'm having a 3 level fusion in 2 weeks so i know what the source of the problem is, but i just wanted to know if anyone has had spasms like this and if so what did u do to help the pain (besides pain killers- b/c they arent even working) any suggestions that i could try would be so helpful right now...

Thank You,


You might try a back exercise a dr. gave me a while back. Lie flat on your back on the floor. Bend your knees and bring your legs up, grab hold of them and pull them to your chest slowly and hold them there for a few seconds. This is what I used to do to get at least a few minutes of no pain. However, your condition could be all together different than mine was and this won't work. Just thought I'd throw something out there. I'm sorry to hear your hurtin so bad. For what it's worth, I just had a hip replacement a few days ago and I'm hurtin like the dickins right now too. Life is grand, aint it? Sheesh....
Hang in there Chrissy....