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Re: Sinus congestion and feeling run down

No problem about the questions. I don't know too much about sinus surgery, I think my doctor is going to discuss my options with me when I go back in 3 weeks. I think his plan is to make sure that the antibiotics have cleared out the infection before he wants to remove the swollen tissue. I do have a minor deviated septum. I didn't look at the cat scan report but I did look at the pictures, and from what he said, I have fluid in all my sinus cavities and air bubbles and evidence of damage from past sinus infection that have caused narrowing.

Luckily I still have my sinus of smell but I think I've only really developed chronic sinus problems over the last few years, so perhaps I haven't had the chance to develop severe damage. I'm hoping that the surgery will prevent future damage and keep me from getting sinus infections. I'm very glad I pushed for a better doctor and you should too. My doctor was annoyed that I didn't get good treatment and told me that being on antibiotics for a short period time only calmed down the infection briefly but it came right back. Which is why I want to get the surgery because this is my first experience with a sinus infection that won't die.

Hope you are doing better.