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Re: Has anyone tried Acupuncture for their sinus/allergies?

i didnt help With my sneezing and reactions to allergens but it did help very much with my sinus pressure and i got immediate drainage. if you are eating dairy, lay off it, and u need to figure out what veggies you can tolerate b/c they will boost your immune system. you should be eating low glycemic complex Carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, beans, oats, so no bread. you will not lose weight, if you Are naturally a small person, and are Eating 5-6 meals a day. if anything, you will have more energy and more stable blood sugar. make sure you are getting about 4-5 oz of protein per meal too. also, water is very important. you need to drink a lot of it for obvious reasons.

you may Also want to try the neil med's sinus rinse once a day.

also do a search for '' your prescription for health.'' it's a radio show. there is good advice for allergies, some of which u might consider useful. a lot of the advice is common sense things that we KNOW we should be doing but just ignore.

hope Ive helped you somewhat.