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Re: Sinus Allergies and swollen throat

I would suggest that you see an allergist, if you haven't already. You need to know what, specifically, is causing your problems, when you are talking about problems with your airway, it's SERIOUS. As Titchou suggested, you may want to try a different antihistimine. Claritin is OK, but there are others out there, a good one being Zyrtec which is also OTC now, benedryl is also good but may make you sleepy. I've had a problem with swelling in my throat, and my allergist recommended the following: carry Primatine Mist at all times, it's aerosol epinephrine (what they give IV in the ER for severe allergic reactions) if you feel your throat swelling use immediatly , carry benedryl take ASAP. The allergist also gave me a prednisone script to fill and carry with me, also to take immediatly. Next step is to go straight to the CLOSEST ER. Seriously, I'd get an appt with an allergist or at least your GP ASAP.