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Re: Does anyone here use accupuncture for relief?

Originally Posted by hellothereitsme View Post
Just curious if it has worked for anyone. I have really bad back pain.

Hellol there I have had chronic back pain for 22 months now. And I do have acupunture about 2-3 a month..It does help bring your pain level down.
but my pain is so chronic that pain level wants to stay at a 7-8.
but if I can go and have a pain level of 4 for 3-4 days it's great for me
for I need less pain at work.
you need to find a good acupunturtist mine does half hour massage first to get the blood flowing, and then works on pressure points and last does
needles..some acpunturist only put needles in and leave you there.
but find some one that works on your pressure points it will make a big differenece.
I just found out 21 months later my primary care doctor would not give
me an MRI, there where 9 findings and I have Costochondritis which means I have fluid in my ribs and the pain will proably last for the rest of my life
due to my primary care doctors not treating, I was told I just had brusing.l
and acupunture does help
good luck