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Re: Has anyone tried Acupuncture for their sinus/allergies?

Originally Posted by dolysods View Post
Yes, i stopped the yaz when i ran out of refills. Have you tried anything other than the Yasmine? every pill is different and can effect you differently. I see a naturopath/chiropractor. I take phyto b (estrogen)and progon b (progesterone). It took a few months to get the schedule down for my body. The only reason i went back on the pill was because my cycle got to heavy and was missing work due to cramps (like high school!)

I pray i continue to fell better. I'd say the majority of my daily sinusitis symptoms have been gone for about 10 days. This is the longest stretch in YEARS. For the last 2 or so years, i was lucky to get 1-2 days a month where i felt good and rested
yes, my periods were just like that when i Was off the pill. several years ago i took ortho tri cylcen - - and i dont recall my sinuses being that bad. the Only reason i switched Was b/c my doc, at the time, said yasmin was better for acne, and it was. i Feel as though i might have to switch back.

do u also receive allergy injections?