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Partial Tear of Rotator Cuff

I suffered a partial tear of my right rotator cuff while playing tennis. This was diagnosed by a doctor after a review of an MRI. In any case, I underwent physical therapy for about six months using primarily a Thera-band. I ended physical therapy about eight months ago.

Somewhat recently, I purchased a new pillow for my bedroom and, for a while, my right arm (shoulder) was fine. The other day, I played three sets of tennis (about two hours) and my shoulder felt fine after that. Within the last week or two, I have noticed a clicking noise in my right shoulder. There is some pain, but I am not experiencing as much pain as when I initially sought treatment from the doctor.

I think I'm sleeping on my arm (right shoulder) at night and this is contributing to my problems. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm thinking about going out and buying a much larger pillow (king-size) and trying to sleep on my other shoulder (although this is very difficult for me to do since I have slept on my right shoulder for my entire life). Any help that you might be able to give me would be much appreciated.



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