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Re: Caring for boyfriend advice please help!!!!

Will he see a doctor and take meds for his deppression? I know my husband probably wanted to leave while I was going through deppression. He went through hell and back with me and really helped me get through this. While in the beginning when I was sick he was mentally abusive with name calling and so on. He would yell out in the driveway, have you taken your meds today??? while of course I had however it took about a month for the meds to get in my system and the first med I was presribed didn't work. It was a long road to travel to get things on an even keel, not easy for me or him.
If your bf refuses to take meds or get medical attention I would suggest that you get out of the situation with him. If you love him you will at least give him the chance to choose to get help...give him an ultimatum if he doesn't you will move on. I suggest you give him the option of making the choice himself but not if he is violent with you again. In that case I would seek emergency help right away. Your child does not need to witness abuse or be subjected to behaviours of a mentally ill person who is refusing to get help. Best of luck to you. Keep you and your child safe. Noone needs to live like that if the person is unwilling to talk about things and get help.