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Re: To thyroidectomy or not to thyroidectomy ...that is the question

Unfortunately, the only way to know if it's cancer or not, is to remove it. FNA only takes a sample of cells--not all of them, and their results are usually inconclusive. With many thyroid cancers, such as follicular, they can't tell unless it's removed, because they need to see if the nodule is encapsulated or not, which they can only do when it's removed under a microscope.

Your nodule/tumor may indeed be benign---you'll never know until it's removed.

But think of it this way, there is a tumor on your thyroid lobe, that's as big as the thyroid lobe---like having another pinky finger growing on your pinky finger.

So the nodule is large, if you don't trust this surgeon, you should definitely see another one. The problem with leaving the other side in, is that there is a nodule there, and you would have to keep watching and wondering that one, and one surgery is easier than two.

Just so you know, the surgery is not a difficult one at all---mine was a breeze, I had cancer (went in knowing it), and it's all gone and I live a normal life without a thyroid. '

Keep in mind, your husband and friends may be in denial, and even though this is not an emergency surgery, if you are insured and healthy, I think you are going to have to consider it very seriously.