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Re: Something is going on with my child

I know exactly what your saying! My almost 8yr old son is the same way! He was diagnosed with.. adhd, ocd, odd,spd, and very low on the autism spectrum.
He is an angel for his dad and step-mom, and out in public (if people are around that is) but as soon as it is just me and him or me and all 3 kids he lets loose.
He is a little devil and so mean to me and his little brother. As soon as my husband gets home it's a whole new ballgame. He hits, kicks, throws things yells, screams, cries, you name it he does it.
I have talked to his psychiatrist and all she does is change his meds or ups his dose, it doesn't work though. It is some kind of behavioral issue that has to do with me for some reason.
I am at a loss, and have even thought of giving custody to his dad since i can't handle it anymore!!