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Something in throat? Going on for months now :(

I'll start with a bit of background...

Last summer I swallowed a broken multivitamin and it went down with the jagged part running down the right side of my throat/esophagus. It hurt really badly, but went away after a few minutes. Fast forward about a month and I start feeling a bit of discomfort in the same area. Like a bruise.

So I made a dr. app't and she said it was probably just healing slowly because I have occasional acid reflux. She gave me a med for the reflux and said to come back if it didn't get better in a month.

It didn't, I went back and she referred me to an ENT to take a look inside.

I have been waiting for 4 months for this app't, it is thankfully coming up at the end of this month (long wait times to see specialists here in Canada).

In the mean time, I feel like there is something in my throat. It is not painful, but it is uncomfortable, like I said, it feels like a bruise. It's weird because I can sometimes feel it where my tonsils are, sometimes way back at the base of my tongue and then most times, in the spot where the multivitamin scraped. No lumps on my neck, no swollen nodes. When I look in the mirror, I don't see anything strange.

Anyone have any idea what is happening? I am thinking that 8 months is a really long time for something like this to heal properly? I am 33, in great health, busy mom, never smoked, active all the good stuff.

Any insights/ similar experiences are appreciated!

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