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Re: Does anyone here use accupuncture for relief?

Originally Posted by Sage48 View Post
In the past I had several accupunture treatments..they helped in the short term, relaxed me/the area where I was having pain. I also, at that time, had massage three times a week. The massage was wonderful!! I think that they both had the same effect, relaxed the injured areas....and I felt better for several hours.


Hi Sage,
I just joined the board and I really enjoy hearing everyones replys,
thanks for writing...
I am in Acupunture and he does give me some relief for a few days, I've been to the Acupunturist almost 45 vist's..and I am still in Physical Thearpy..
I have had about 125 PT treatments..
My acupunturist is very good he does a 20 minutes massage, will work on the muscles, do pressure point release, and then do the needles..
your right the massage is one of the best things for me. I can only get a very lite massage due to to the burning pain..