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Re: Lost Weight, Upped Pant Size!?

When you first start weight training and if you have a lot of fat and don't change your nutrition, it is quite possible that you can build a layer of fat under your muscle, bulking up in the short run.

however, if you have not done/changed anything about your lifestyle, i suspect you are losing lean tissue and replacing it with fat. women start losing lean tissue naturally at 25, and lose it faster with each subsequent year. muscle weighs more than fat in terms of volume. if you have 5 lbs of lean muscle tissue and don't maintain it trough a consumption of adequate levels of protein and weight-bearing exercises, it can very easily be lost and replaced with 5 lbs of fat which will make you 'bigger' (as 5 lbs of muscle is physically smaller than 5 lbs of fat). maybe, who knows, you've lost 10lbs of lean muscle, and gained 5 of fat, slightly changing your body shape.

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