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Re: I'm 20, my mom passed. How to cope?

I am sorry for both of your alls is so very hard to lose a parent. If you have read any of my other posts you will know I lost my dad 8 months ago today and boy it sure doesnt seem like that long. I miss him so much everyday, and like you, I went through the angry stage where you just wanted to unload your feelings and just scream, it is hard to get through that. I went through a period where I could talk so proudly about my daddy and not cry and then in January I just hit a big depression and for a week I didnt go out of the house, talk to anyone on the phone and I just cried a lot, and now I still can't talk about him without crying. I do have a year old son that my dad got to meet but he was looking forward to making him his buddy...that hurts me too, knowing he isnt here for him. Your time will be different in your situation than others, but I feel it gets harder in the year and going through all the firsts without them here. I hear it gets better in time and I surely hope so...on my way home from church yesterday I just broke down, I felt so overwhelmed with missing him I couldnt stop just have to let it out.
I only had less than a month with my dad to get all of our feelings for each other out...but we just have to be thankful for that time and those days you spent with your mom, those are times that are so special and no one can take away from you. Count your true blessings b/c a lot of people dont even get the chance to tell them how much they loved them and that has to be harder. I know all your future events without your mother will be so hard ( I wont lie) but live for the moment and know that she would want you to be happy and not be sad during your happy moments. I feel for you and your pain right now and you just let it out when you feel like letting it out, dont worry what anyone thinks, it is your heart and you must follow it. Rely on the Lord for protection, guidance, comfort and his Grace and that is what will help you, knowing you are never alone as long as you count on him. I will add you to my prayers and if you need to talk, I am here, God Bless you..take care. Missy