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Re: I'm 20, my mom passed. How to cope?

first of all, it's okay to cry, no need to hold in those tears, let them out, go ahead! cry, this is your mom you're crying for. i lost my mom almost two years ago, when i was forty.
a mom is your mommy no matter how old you are. there is a poem written by emily matthews which ends with "there are so many people that pass through your life leaving something to fondly recall, but only one mother to cherish forever the most precious person of all." true to her words, for myself, i am so blessed that i have so many wonderful people in my life, but none of them is my mother. i, like you miss her every second of every day, i cry all the time, the pain is so intense i don't know what to do, but i think of how lucky i am to have had her in my life. i lost my dad when i was seventeen he died suddenly in front of me, so believe me i feel your pain. i must tell you, things will get worse before they get better. i can tell you that things will be okay, but not for a long while, the loss of a mother is so painful, i feel like my heart is slowly bleeding since mt mom got sick, it hurts so much, i like you want her back, but i know that that's not going to happen. cry when you want to and laugh when you want to, show your emotions, talk about it, share your pain with someone that's close to you.
i do different things in my mom's memory which make me feel a little better, i try to live by the way she taught me, that makes me happy. try to go on with your life, live and laugh and carry your pain, and do something that would help you, we're all different so different things work for us. dig deep inside and find something that'll give you some peace. i hope you find it.