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Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice

Hi Kelly,

I am in your same boat. I am soon to have surgery for a deviated septum (and turbenite reduction- which is scheduled to take place after I have a tonsillectomy-March 23rd).

I have a friend that just went through the surgery to correct the deviated septum. She said it was pretty traumatic; the recovery was harder than she was led to believe. Specifically, she wasn't prepared for the follow up "cleanings" and pain of having the nose packing removed. After the surgery, she was told not to blow her nose for 10 days (which was very problematic because the surgery itself causes a lot of fluid in the nose). She was on percoset for the pain and said it definitely helped. On the bright sidem she said that her sense of smell has improved dramatically.

She said knowing what she knows now, she wouldn't have had the surgery.

In spite of her experience, I still plan to have my surgery as I am hopeful it will finally allow me to breathe through my nose. I'll post again after my surgery to let you know how it goes.