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Re: Do i have lymphoma? Please help!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your replys.
Just wanted to give an update, for anyone else who has the same problem.
I went back to the doctor a week after my last post as another lymph node came up on the side of my neck (same side as armpit, although unsure if it was related). I made myself sick with worry, as I was so convinced I had lymphoma! The doctor sent me for some blood test and after a nightmare wait they all came back normal I was sooooo relieved I couldn't stop crying! Anyway, that was about a month ago and as they are still both swollen (no bigger) i THOUGHT i BEST GO BACK TO THE DOCTORS JUST TO BE SURE. SHE CHECKED ME OVER AGAIN AND TOLD ME TO LEAVE IT ANOTHER MONTH, AS THE BLOODS WERE ALL GOOD. AND IF THEY ARE STILL THERE IN A MONTHS TIME, SHE WILL SEND ME FOR A CHEST X-RAY (sorry for caps). So even though I haven't been able to completly erase it all from my mind yet, I am feeling much better about it all. Thank you to you all again for your replys and kind words. I'll keep you updated.