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Re: Looking for Support

Zhope has given you good advice. She is right in that couples can "share" depression if you live together with it in one of you. It's inevitable if you care for that person so I would be seeing a doc if I was you. For yourself. You may be fine and just freaking out as is normal when you can't help her yourself but want to. Just get it checked.

Libido's? Depression itself is a killer in that area. Add meds and you have a double whammy.

When changing meds it can happen that the desire, physical only, can return and it's confusing as you actually get used to it being missing.

I would not take that one phone call to heart mate. As I read it I would suggest she needed to talk to someone about it and her Mum was who she chose. If she was going to act on it she would have told no one. Right?

So I think she was doing the right thing in being honest and getting the feelings out instead of going with this guy and finding out it was a big mistake. She even told you about the feelings after questioning. So she's not hiding it really is she? Don't look on it as a revelation, that's giving too much import to what was a few thoughts.

She would be confused and so on as med changes can be tough.

Stick by her and make sure she knows you are there etc but don't over react as that tends to make people suspect your motives and it can be a turn off. Just be yourself mate, that's who she married right?