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Hi i'm 23 years old and i'm worried i've got stomach cancer as i've read a lot of things on the internet about it.

What the problem i started to have a sore chest just below my breast bone 3 weeks ago but that passed but then the following Monday i woke up with pains in my stomach that are really sore i've been to to the doctors about this problem 3 times but they just dismiss my concerns about stomach cancer my symtoms about my sore stomach are it's just constant pain in my stomach i can still eat and drink no problem but its sore in my stomach, and just in the middle of my stomach and the pain doesnt go away and i'm passing gas all the time and very frequently and i've never had this before but other than that i've no other symptoms and i just get worked up and got into my head i've got stomach cancer and i'm afraid i will die young.

I just don't know what to do and if anybody has the same symptoms or think they can help me in anyway it would be much appreciated to put my mind at rest.

Also is it common for young people to get stomach cancer??

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