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Angry Help!! Overlapping symptoms of HypoT and Candida Albicans

I am wondering if ANYONE can offer any insight into my dilemma? I am currently on Synthroid 50mcg and Cytomel 5mcg. Last thyroid blood test was all coming along very nicely. I still have horrible symptoms along with low Vitamin D and 4 of the 5 last calcium tests were high. I WAS taking Vitamin D 50,000 IU twice weekly until my GP and Endo decided that I have too much of it and told me to stop. My level only got to 64 (32-100). Within 3 weeks, it has dropped to below level 23 ng/ml. I am now seeing a Rheumatologist for the bone/joint pain that will not let up and I am taking 75mg Diclofenac Sodium twice a day for a month.

The problem is that I had a Candida Albicans blood test done last September and it came back "weakly positive" with a titer >1:3000. I told my GP about it as I paid for the test myself but it came back with a note to follow up with a doctor. My GP told me it was a waste of time and EVERYBODY has some Candida. I do not THINK "EVERYBODY" has it in their BLOOD but I don't know. I was actually kind of embarrassed over the whole thing. The problem is I believe some of the symptoms are overlapping with the whole thyroid issue and maybe the Candida is the reason I am not feeling any better. I have tried to cut out starch and sweets as much as possible. In fact, I have lost 15lbs since then and I wasn't overweight to start with. Should I mention this test result to the Rheumatologist? Is Candida in the blood an issue that the medical community cares about normally or do only naturopathic doctors deal with this? Do Endos ever test for this when they are checking low thyroid?

I am being passed from doctor to doctor with no answers and it may be right under their noses but they refuse to look! Any insight and suggestions would be appreciated.

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