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Re: Help!! Overlapping symptoms of HypoT and Candida Albicans

I too, think I have a Candida overgrowth in my intestinal tract. I did some research online about it, and discovered that there is a stool test that can be done to test for Candida. So I asked my GP about having this stool test, and he basically blew it off...much like the reaction you got from your doc. Told me it would be a waste of time and money. However, he then asked if I wanted to try a script (oral diflucan - anti fungal) to try and knock out the Candida. He then tells me about another patient he has that suspected Candida, so he wrote her a script for Diflucan. She got much better, but as soon as she stops taking it, the Candida returns. So, I'm thinking what is the point of taking the Diflucan, if the relief is only temporary?

I know you mentioned eliminating sugars...have you tried any probiotics? I've also heard/read that grapefruit seed extract is supposed to be good for treating Candida. I'm actually thinking of trying it myself. What symptoms are you experiencing that make you suspect Candida? My big one is the overwhelming fatigue, which of course, could either be the hypoT or the Candida because it's a symptom with both conditions. It's all very frustrating isn't it?

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