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Re: Needs Sinus Surgery Advice

I've had both surgeries conchobullosa removed 2004 and septum repaired Nov 08. I
am still having sinus problems. I have had an infection over 2 mos. 3 antibiotics and steroids. I can breathe a lot better, but still have congestion and ear pain. My nose is still in healing process. It swells with too much activity. But even with infection I could still breathe through nose. Had CT scan done yesterday, will see ENT again tomorrow. Hopefully will not have to have another surgery. Apparently they don't consider these procedures sinus surgery. ENT asked me if I ever had sinus surgery. I reminded him about conchobullosa, he said yeah we need CT to look at sinus cavity. Just make sure they do thorough exam with removal and repair. You don't want to do it more than once. The removal of conchobullosa was not bad. Septum was another story. Longer recovery and you will look like you've been in a fight. Pain was manageable after about 3 days tylenol only. Good Luck!!!