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Re: Hi I'm New here... Rhupus?

Welp, Hey-low & Howdy Do

In reading your post, I do hope you found relief to get allllll that off your mind & chest. I so wanted to reach in and give you a Big Soft Hug.
I'm New too and found this site by accident and am relieved. In viewing the many posts, I really feel validated as to what I go through on a daily bases. As in finding others expierencing what I go through. Not that I'd want anyone to go through what I do nor what anyone else does.
Knowing full well the few I do share with before I found this site become overwhelmed and really can not relate and only stare at this person standing there whom appears perfectly fine and they don't see the inside pain. Verses seeing someone on crutches and in a cast. I'm not discounting that trama at all, it's only the example of sight verses unseen Chronic Pain.

I've personally found on this site people whom understand the many varieties of Chronic Pain and through this, share ~ Encouragement, Personal Success and Setbacks and Obsticles in an open and respectful way.

It really takes strengthand tenacity to walk forward even though the road blocks & bumps seem to be many and it belongs to those whom walk the walk of constant change ~ via pain.

I look forward to reading of your personal achievements on this road of healing and hope. As we walk the walk one moment at a time.

Best Regards and lots of Soft Hugs